Saturday, January 23, 2016

Free Alcohology app v2.0 released for those questioning alcohol use

(News Release)

(Burlington, WI – Jan. 22, 2016) The updated Alcohology app version 2.0 is free, and ad-free, effective Jan. 21, 2016. The Android app includes 70 video vignettes supporting the fact that sobriety is a better thing to have than to lack. Alcohology looks at alcohol’s role in health issues from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome to cancer to dementia, plus has sobriety-saving hints in its mini-features. The app is geared toward those new to sobriety and those in pre-contemplation: Thinking about the choice not to drink, but need evidence that what causes problems is one.
The app update – available only for Android devices and not designed for Apple IOS at this time – is timed to coincide with the one-year anniversary of the platform as well as the Dry January initiative. Dry January began in the United Kingdom three years ago, with Alcohology Books author and app creator, Scott Stevens, being among the first to pick up the theme in 2013 in the United States.
Stevens describes the app as serving two roles. “First, for the alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike, it shows what the toxin and known carcinogen does to you instead of what it does for you, or what  you think it does for you. There’s a gulf of misinformation about alcohol’s short- and long-term health consequences.” He describes observational-studies as “widely reported wishful thinking discredited by evidence-based science.”
The main goal for the app, in Stevens’ view, is to help those considering abstinence, and those in early sobriety. “There is a constellation of motivators that will get a person to seriously consider his or her drinking choice. The health damage, especially the link to cancer, is one point in that constellation. It’s an eye-opener.”
The app can be found in the GooglePlay store or by typing in the shortened URL Among the Alcohology app’s vignettes:
Six Sobriety-Saving Tips
Binge Drinking vs. Daily Drinking Hazards
Breaking the Alcohol-Is-Heart-Healthy Myth
Alcohol Recovery Medications and the Quest for the Holy Grail
Four Signs of Alcohol-Related Liver Damage
Three Ways Alcohol Can Trigger Asthma
Each one- to two-minute segment covers one topic culled from evidence-based research. Video files and transcripts, which include citations of the scientific studies used, are found on the parent website,
Visit for a replay of CBS Sports' Power Up Your Health featuring Scott Stevens.  Host Ed Forteau led a discussion on risky myths of about "healthy" drinking.  Lucy Pireel's "All That's Written" included a feature on Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud called "When alcohol doesn't work for you anymore."  Details on the third literary award for Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud and the first for Adding Fire to the Fuel also can be found on Download the FREE Alcohology app in the Google PlayStore today. Stevens also is the public relations officer with