Monday, October 27, 2014

The Sobriety :60 for Red Ribbon Week covers teen drinking risks

There isn't one, single, age group of people more affected by alcohol than young people. Why is this risky co-called 'rite of passage' a big deal? For centuries teens have been lured to that first drink by curiosity, kicks, or aping what they see at home. New studies identify a few things about the harm of the words, “what's one gonna hurt?” Watch episode #12 of The Sobriety :60 at  for a minute (give or take) on teens' top drug of choice.

Visit for a replay of the Bringing Inspiration To Earth show feature with Scott Stevens. Lucy Pireel's "All That's Written" included a feature on Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud called "When alcohol doesn't work for you anymore."  Details on the third literary award for Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud also can be found on, plus an interview with Scott Stevens on Health Media Now and one at Christoph Fisher Books.  Mr. Fisher is an acclaimed international author from the UK, among his works is the Alzheimer's book "Time to Let Go."