Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dry January 2, 2014

"Relapse can drive off additional people or people who were just coming back to your side, but it also kills a belief that everyone attempting sobriety shares: I've had my last drink.  You relapse and you're bumping a really fresh wound."

Dry January is an important initiative to stay alcohol-free and reduce the risks of harm caused by alcohol.  Each day's calendar page can be found on the Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud Facebook page and on Twitter @AlcoholAuthor.

The New Scientist editorial "Is Dry January really worth it" explains some of the overwhelming positives to putting down the booze or avoiding relapse if you're already sober.

Details on the third literary award for Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud, plus the new radio interview replay is available at and please read the new interview with Scott Stevens at Christoph Fisher Books.  Mr. Fisher is an acclaimed international historical fiction novelist from the UK.