Monday, April 22, 2013

New socializing mobile app is the latest of three aimed at sober living

Another new application for mobile users, the third alcohol-abstinence-related app this year, helps the sober connect with other non-drinkers. The new app and the other two are in this new article.

A small Irish startup, notmyround, Ltd., released the world's first social app designed exclusively for non-drinkers looking to enjoy the social scene without booze. Notmyround, introduced April 14, taps into the phone's GPS to locate other sober people for chatting, sending photos or meeting up with other people for socializing without alcohol.

The company's founder noticed it is easier for people who drink to meet up for a night out, but it wasn't so easy for abstainers and people fighting alcohol use disorders – alcohol abuse and the disease of alcoholism – to connect with other people who chose to socialize sober. "My non-drinker friends, who usually don't hang out in pubs and bars, keep telling me the same thing: 'I want a better social life. I need to get out more. I want to meet some new people'," said Jean McElvaney, founder of notmyround.

There are no passwords for the app to make the tool more immediate and accessible. Sober people can just send out free texts and maps to other like-minded people anywhere, anytime.

“Instead of getting out there sober people found themselves, as did I, having yet another quiet night in,” McElvaney remarked. “I think it's very important as social beings that we get out there and have some fun. I thought the best approach would be to have an app that could connect non-drinkers on demand.”

The free app is only for iPhones presently.

Notmyround is the third of the new 2013 apps aimed at sober living. A popular Scottish app was introduced Jan. 9 to demonstrate how alcohol will age your face. (See related article) It's for Android platforms. Later in January, The Doctor Says, Inc. rolled out the Alcohol Abuse Predictor, which uses a research-based questionnaire to help mobile users determine if they are at risk from alcohol use disorders, help them get information and seek medical treatment when needed. It's not available for iPhone, but is free for Blackberry 10 and Android devices.
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The Scottish app is called The Drinking Mirror and was wildly popular earlier this year for amusement.  That got people to use it while getting across the Scottish government's point that alcohol misuse does a lot of damage over time, not just to your looks but to your tissues and organs as well.  The Alcohol Abuse Predictor was developed in Canada.